We offer aircraft hire for long or short term charter, with or without pilots.

Aircraft Hire

Our versatile range of aircraft are all purpose made for aerial surveys, with factory fitted camera hatches, twin engines and conveniently located power supplies. Our P68 Observers and Britten Norman Islander can meet the needs of a wide variety of aerial surveys, whether you need to fly low and slow safely, carry out long endurance missions or fly multiple deployment sorties.

The aircraft can be set up in a variety of ways depending on the requirements for different surveys, including impressive payload capabilities for larger sensors.

Power Outlets

Power supplies are conveniently located next to the survey hatches in each aircraft. All our Vulcanair P68 aircraft supply 28 volts at a maximum of 30 amps. Our Britten Norman Islander offers two 28 volt power supplies, one at 30 amps and one at 20 amps.


Our hiring arrangements are very flexible. They vary from an hourly rate including fuel and pilot, to a monthly ‘dry’ charge excluding flight crew, fuel and other costs, which is based on the number of hours flown over a fixed period.