Our Air Operator Certificate is your guarantee that we operate to the highest standards and requirements in aviation – the same high standards of safety, reliability and professionalism as major airlines.

As a result, we operate to higher standards than aerial survey companies that do not hold an Air Operator Certificate.

To gain and keep our Air Operator Certificate we are required to have in place a number of important procedures and systems. They include procedures for training our aircrew, limits on how long our crew members can work for, strict systems to ensure our aircraft are airworthy, fully documented operations manuals and safety management systems, our own regular internal audits and adequate insurance.

The certificate is independently administered by the UK Civil Aviation Authority and means that we are certified to transport passengers and cargo for a variety of purposes, such as aerial surveys, pleasure flights, passenger charter and freight transport. Three to four times every year, the Civil Aviation Authority audits these practices to ensure that they remain up to date and fit for purpose.

View our Air Operator Certificate here