APEM offers a wide range of aerial surveys and remote sensing services for private and public sector clients across a range of industries.

Aerial Surveys

We specialise in gathering very high quality survey data, using our ultra-high resolution stills cameras, video cameras and multispectral and thermal sensors. Our aircraft also offer gyro-stabilised mounts, forward motion compensation and the ability to fly ‘low and slow’.

The Perspex nose sections of our Vulcanair P68 aircraft offer panoramic views both forwards and below. This makes them ideal for visual surveys and they are a highly competitive alternative to helicopters for a variety of applications.

Air Operator Certificate and PART-SPO

Our Air Operator Certificate (AOC) and PART-SPO registration demonstrate our commitment to operating at the highest standards of health and safety. Together they provide our clients with complete flexibility in carrying expert technicians and task specialists on board our aircraft during surveys.

We operate under our own AOC, fully authorised and audited by the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to the same rigorous standards required of major airlines.

We are also the first company to successfully register to operate under the new PART-SPO regulations. PART-SPO is a major update to the way that aerial surveys are regulated, signalling both a significant tightening of requirements and a new approach by the CAA.

It covers special operations from aerial photography to aerobatics, parachuting, cloud seeding and animal herding. APEM is registered for aerial photography, surveying and calibration.

Recent aerial surveys include:

  • Over 1,000 bird and marine mammal surveys for the offshore wind industry
  • Ecological surveys for birds, mammals, vegetation and invasive species
  • Geomorpological surveys of terrestrial and aquatic habitats
  • Mapping of linear assets for a variety of end uses
  • Surveys of river catchments and land use classification
  • Digital terrain models
  • Thermal plume detection, evaluation and validation
  • Thermal heat loss analysis
  • Leakage detection for effluents and drinking water
  • Mapping of pipelines
  • Gas detection

You can find more information on our aerial surveys and remote sensing at www.apemltd.co.uk/aerial surveys